Melico Salazar Theater in San Jose

The MĂ©lico Salazar Popular Theatre belongs to the Ministry of Culture and youth of Costa Rica; and is a cultural heritage. It has capacity of 1,180 people, and its main function is the culture democratization. Its name is due to the Costa Rican tenor Manuel Salazar ZĂșñiga, also known as MĂ©lico; because of his Golden voice, he came to be recognized at the global level, both in Europe and in the Americas This theatre was built with reinforced concrete and brick masonry, its architecture is late neoclassical type, in accordance with other works by Garnier. Their facades are aesthetic and Giant Corinthian order, with a pedestal at human scale where open the doors and windows at the level of the sidewalk.

The second floor has balconies balustrades supported by large masks, alternating with other windows. Its decorative reliefs are modernist cutting, work of the catalan Gerardo Rovira, in whose workshop became the friezes, capitals and modillions; also in the building are carvings that decorate the curved pediments of the main accesses that the Second Avenue and Central street of San José. Here you can see two floating muses gather around a harp, in the midst of Baroque floral motifs, male figurines, which appear to be in the middle of a conversation, repeated continuously in the frieze, a beauty to admire.

This building is one of the historical and architectural heritage icons of Costa Rica. If you want to check the program of activities in this theatre, please enter the following link, MĂ©lico Salazar Theater

Remember visit San Jose, and don’t forget to visit all the beautiful architectural works that are in the city.

Teatro Melico Salazar

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