The Nuestra Señora de la Soledad church is the oldest churches in the San Jose downtown receives its name in honor of the La Soledad neighborhood which at that time was known as loneliness by its few inhabitants. This church is located in San Jose the Costa Rica capital on 9th Street between 2 and 4 Avenues.

In 1851 the Bishop Anselmo Llorente y Lafuente the first bishop of the San Jose Diocese together with the English architect Hugh G. Tonkin begin the elaboration of the La Soledad Church plans. In 1894 entered to the country the bricks of marble and Roman Foundation for the property; this construction in masonry influenced by Baroque and wooden columns took more 30 years to be complete; but in May 27 1934 their four bells imported from Europe was devoted and the construction formally ended. La Soledad church was incorporated into the country?s historical and architectural heritage on December 8 1999. Unfortunately for many years the pollution and plants were born on its structure until 2012 beginning its restoration especially in their old electrical system wood termites inside and the walls damage.

In your Costa Rica vacation do not forget to visit the San José churches and enjoy a lot of history and great architecture.

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