If you are traveling to Costa Rica and you are wondering what your options are regarding your transportation, here we are gonna tell you all the pros and cons of choosing a car or a shuttle.

Your choice would be determined by a few points. To begin with, would you like to have more independence and disponibility? or would you like to have someone driving for you and taking care of everything that has to do with moving from one place to another?

On this path, renting a car will give you more independence and disponibility. If you choose to rent a car, Budget Rental Car offers comfort, safety, a diverse fleet, more than 40 years of trajectory in Costa Rica, and numerous national and international awards and recognitions that gives them a strong sustenance as the most reliable option when renting a car. 

Budget offers the best car rental deals in Costa Rica and has offices close to international airports and throughout the entire country. It has a large variety of Toyota cars to suit your needs. You can pick a manual car or an automatic one, a car for 5 people or a car with space for 7 people, cars with extra space or regular size, intermediate, or small, SUV, 4WD or regular, you name it.  When you are traveling with family or friends you might like some space for the unexpected, like having a road trip across the country, spending everyday in a different place or just having the freedom of driving the car yourself. If this is your case, renting a car should be your first option.

On the other hand, if you can’t drive, or you are looking to take a little break from driving, or maybe you are traveling by yourself and would like to meet some people, choosing a shuttle might be the right choice. Interbus is a great option, it is a tourist transportation network that offers shuttle and private services. The pros of these services are that they will take care of everything, all you have to do is to define your destination and hop on the shuttle. You have different options, you can rent a private shuttle, or you can share a tour with other people. 

Either way, if you are looking for an independent trip or a relaxing journey, you just have to make up your mind between a car or a shuttle. Once you decide if you need a car or a shuttle for your trip to Costa Rica, you have half of the ride done. Check the offers from Budget and Interbus and take the road.

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