This beautiful beach is located in the Limon province on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica; located 8.5 km (5 miles) from the Puerto Viejo down town this is a quiet beach with small waves and white sand a special place to spend yours vacations much of this area is inside of Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge for this reason you can observe a lot of flora and fauna its calm waters and its recognized reef gives protection to the beach it is a perfect zone to bring children to swim. On this beach you can find a variety of hotels and rental homes for any budget as well as a supermarket and good restaurants; But if you need to have more shopping options you must go to Puerto Viejo in this area you can easily travel by local bus bicycle (rent) taxi or car.

As its name suggests Punta Uva is a point that protrudes from the Caribbean coast but the beaches on both sides of this peak are also known by that name the beach to the south side of the peak is a little more populated due to the fact that there is Punta Uva down town; here the sea is most of the time calm and with blue and turquoise waters; while on the beach to the north side of the peak the sea has a greener color because there is slightly more vegetation. Punta Uva is an ideal place to enjoy the day with loads of recreational activities here you can walk swim and enjoy snorkeling rent a kayak and some days it is possible to practice surfing along the edge of the peak; Also you can walk on trails of the peak which are free but are without defined marking here you will have a great view.

The access to Punta Uva is very simple and can be easily reached from the main street there are several entrances that take you to different points of the beaches Interbus can offer you service from the main tourist destinations towards this beautiful area.

Remember to visit this beautiful Costa Rican Caribbean beach…

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