The Costa Rica National Stadium is an enclosure with an allusive and modern architecture that beautifies and modernizes San Jose the Costa Rica capital.

This stadium is the most modern and more technology of Central America and the Caribbean has offices for 32 sports federations two giant television screens a sports museum athletics track and facilities for other sports such as table tennis fencing and chess. In May 2008 the old National Stadium was demolished and from March 2009 until December 2010 this modern sports hall was built in the same place located in the Parque Metropolitano La Sabana in San Jose the Costa Rica
capital. In 2007 during the Oscar Arias government was decided that the country should have a modern national stadium the national government established diplomatic relations with the People?s Republic of China and reached several bilateral agreements one of which China agreed to the donation of the National stadium to Costa Rica. This was built by the Chinese company Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (AFECC) within 22 months the construction was completed in full at least one month ahead of schedule and completion of all works took place in December 2010 and the official handover of the property to the Government of Costa Rica on Monday January 10 2011. Although initially was scheduled to cost $ 88 million some sources cited the new National Stadium has a cost about $ 110 million the money difference was taking by the China government which donated the entire infrastructure.

Here the major sporting events of the country carry out; so we recommend that if visiting San Jose be sure to visit our national stadium.

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