This is the main theatre in Costa Rica. It is located in the east side of the plaza Juan Mora Fernandez; between the central and second Avenues in 5th and 3rd Central Street in San Jose the Costa Rica capital. This Theatre represents economic and political stability of Costa Rica at the time in which it was built. (1891). In the construction of this theatre were used precious woods mostly from the Alajuela; It was also has imported iron marble gold and French glass; the construction lasted about six years. In 1965 was declared a National Monument this theatre is known for its architectural beauty it is also national heritage this represents the Costa Rican being.

It has a Renaissance architecture and neoclassical style with marbles imported from Italy and decorated inside with scenes of the coffee harvest; the most popular of the paintings in the theatre is an oil on canvas created by Aleardo Villa in 1897 popularly known as the Alegoría del café y el banano whose official name is Alegoría del Comercio y la Agricultura de Costa Rica which describes the economic life of the country in the second part of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century based on the most of coffee and bananas this painting was reproduced on the five colones bills for some decades at the end of 1960.

The interior of the National Theatre is as impressive as the exterior with the famous sculptures representing the dance fame and music. The National Theatre has a delicate neo-Renaissance style with impressing chandeliers and columns made of marble and surrounded by belts of bronze. In the lobby is the Costa Rican Juan Ramón Bonilla sculpture called the Heroes of misery. There is a second lobby where are placed the statues that represent the comedy and tragedy of the Genoese sculptor Pietro Capurro.

If you are in San Jose don?t forget to visit this architectural beauty the National Theatre offers programmed functions as well as tours on weekends; the theatre has a small cafe and a shop of gifts for visitors.

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