The San Jose central market is the most important market of the capital of Costa Rica it was established in 1880 this market occupies a block of the central avenue and is located between the Central Avenue and the 1st 6th and 8th streets only 2 blocks and half northwest of the Central Park; this market was declared on June 26th in 1995 as a Cultural Heritage because of its strong tradition and Costa Rican identity; here you can find many sales positions or little stores where you can find meat fish fruits vegetables coffee including places where you can get leather objects wood herbal base flowers souvenirs and local handicrafts; these posts are distributed in a complex of narrow alleys; here you will find authentic Costa Rican food at a very good price. In the central market you can spend a very pleasant time.


Monday to Saturday: from 06:30 a.m. to 06:30 p.m. Sundays it is closed and the holidays until noon.


  • Do not neglect your belongings at any time remember that despite not being a dangerous area there are always people who can take advantage of their carelessness.
  • Before leaving the market order your purchases so you can mobilize and charge them safely.
  • If you take a taxi or bus carry your money in an easily accessible bag you will not have to neglect your purchases while you are looking for money.
  • If a stranger offers to help you with your purchases please don?t accept it.
  • If you notice an irregular situation please report it to the security guard or the nearest police.
  • Do not carry money in your hand always keep it in the pocket handbag or wallet.
  • If you want to try authentic Costa Rican food do not hesitate to visit one of these sodas (small restaurants) but remember to place your shopping near you.
  • If you visit the central market and travel by car do not worry near the market there are many public parking lots where you can park.

Follow the recommendations and enjoy your visit to the San José Central Market.

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