Alajuela is located about 20 kilometers west of San Jose the Costa Rica capital; Alajuela is the head of the canton and the province with the same name as well as being part of the greater Metropolitan Area. This city has a population of around 265472 inhabitants this is the second most populous city.

This city has many culture places most sites are located near the Central Park; to the west we found the Alajuelense Cultural Center this building was built between 1907-1911 as a municipal palace some years later was declared Historical Heritage by the 7555 law; and in 2012 it was restored. Alongside this is the Cathedral it was built in the second half of the nineteenth century and initially was the church of Our Lady of Pilar but in 1922 was elevated to cathedral. He has had several renovations; the last restoration was performed at the end of the first decade of the century; where the artist Hernan Ramirez painted motifs that adorn the ceiling of the nave. To the north is the Juan Santamaría Museum this was created on December 4 1974 in what was the prison in Alajuela and who later became the Old Barracks Armas; This has a major exhibition entitled Path of freedom based on the National Campaign of 1856-1857 the war against the filibusters; this explosion occurs along six rooms. Finally to the south of the park is located the Balcones building used mostly for schools.

Alajuela have many urban parks that beautify the city among the most outstanding are the Juan Santamaria Park you will find the famous statue of the hero with the same name by the French Aristide Croisy and reliefs colleague Gustave Deloy as well as modern sculptures along its north side; this park is also adorned by a huge mural of the Battle of Rivas painter Carlos Aguilar. Near we found the Calian Vargas park this park has a big red letters of metal that form the sculptural to the Alajuela name; here also you find some modern sculptures memorial plaques and games for children. In addition we found the Prospero Fernandez Park located on the east side of the General Cemetery of Alajuela has the bust of former President and General made in the late nineteenth century; in this park is the great plan to reinstall Agriculture Monument the work of Paco Zúñiga.

Alajuela is located in the Intertropical zone of the planet but its temperature is moderated by altitude 960 meters above sea level which is considered a tropical mountain climate. The alajuelense climate has more influence of Pacific this makes it drier than San Jose the Costa Rica capital. During the trade winds of the dry season mainly from January to mid-March Alajuela presents mornings hot weather with gusts of fresh wind 45-90 km / hour and at night the temperature is cold vary between 10-15 ° C; while in the capital during the same months the temperature is warm all day however the other months of the year including the months of the rainy season Alajuela and San Jose held a similar climate varying only the temperature the difference in altitude. Very near to the Alajuela city is located the Juan Santamaria International Airport the main airport in Costa Rica; also very close to this city you can find many attractions to enjoy your vacation.

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