Costa Rica’s enchanting landscapes come alive during the Green Season, a period of rejuvenation and lush growth that transforms the country into a verdant paradise. This season, which typically spans from May to November, offers a unique perspective for travelers seeking a more intimate and authentic experience. 

While the weather might be a bit unpredictable with refreshing rain showers, the benefits of visiting during this time are plentiful. The landscape is bursting with vibrant greenery, waterfalls cascade with renewed vigor, and wildlife thrives amidst the abundance of flora. If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, here’s everything you need to know about embracing the Green Season.

One of the most captivating aspects of the Green Season is the rejuvenation of Costa Rica’s rainforests. The forests come alive with a symphony of bird calls and the vibrant hues of blooming flowers. It’s a photographer’s dream, with misty mornings and dramatic cloud formations creating an otherworldly backdrop for your adventures. Plus, the rain showers, often brief and refreshing, bring a sense of renewal to the landscape and provide relief from the tropical heat.

The Green Season also offers unique opportunities for adventure seekers. Rivers swell with rainwater, making it an ideal time for whitewater rafting enthusiasts. Waterfalls are at their most impressive, offering breathtaking sights and the chance to swim beneath their cascading waters. For wildlife enthusiasts, this season is prime for spotting baby animals, as many species give birth during this period. From playful monkeys to colorful frogs and elusive jaguars, Costa Rica’s biodiversity is on full display.

Here’s a list of activities you can enjoy in Costa Rica during the Green Season, along with specific places you can visit:

  • Whitewater Rafting on the Pacuare River: Experience thrilling whitewater rafting amidst lush rainforest scenery. The Pacuare River, located near Turrialba, offers exciting Class III and IV rapids.
  • Explore Arenal Volcano National Park: Hike through the rainforest trails of Arenal Volcano National Park, near La Fortuna. Witness the lush greenery and diverse wildlife, and soak in natural hot springs for a relaxing experience.
  • Visit Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: Discover the mystical Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, a haven for biodiversity. Take guided walks along suspended bridges and spot rare bird species like the resplendent quetzal.
  • Surfing at Tamarindo Beach: Embrace the surf culture at Tamarindo Beach on the Pacific coast. The Green Season brings excellent waves for surfing, and the town offers a lively atmosphere with beachfront cafes and shops.
  • Zip Lining in Manuel Antonio: Soar through the rainforest canopy on exhilarating zip-line tours in Manuel Antonio. This coastal town also boasts beautiful beaches and the stunning Manuel Antonio National Park.
  • Birdwatching in Tortuguero: Explore the wildlife-rich canals of Tortuguero during the Green Season. Spot toucans, herons, and howler monkeys in their natural habitat.
  • Trek to Rio Celeste: Hike to the enchanting Rio Celeste waterfall in Tenorio Volcano National Park. Witness the stunning blue hue of the river and waterfall, a result of natural volcanic minerals.
  • Relax in Drake Bay: Unwind in the tranquil Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula. Explore the surrounding rainforest or take a boat tour to see dolphins and whales in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Visit the Caribbean Coast in Puerto Viejo: Experience the unique culture of the Caribbean coast in Puerto Viejo. Enjoy laid-back vibes, reggae music, and delicious Afro-Caribbean cuisine.
  • Explore San Gerardo de Dota: Discover the serene cloud forests of San Gerardo de Dota, known for its birdwatching opportunities, including sightings of the elusive resplendent quetzal.

These activities and destinations highlight the diverse experiences available in Costa Rica during the Green Season. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or wildlife encounters, Costa Rica offers something magical for every traveler.

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