Explore Nosara the laid-back beach town away from the crowds with our new route

Announcing new routes to and from Nosara! The path to Nosara can become difficult for travelers especially during the rainy season. Take advantage of our new routes to and from Nosara for a smooth journey to this beautiful beach town. We?re now offering daily shuttle services to and from San Jose Liberia Tamarindo Fortuna and Monteverde. Interbus is creating new routes to create more accessible and enjoyable travel to the main destinations in Costa Rica. Located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica just north of Samara on the edge of the Nicoya Peninsula is a small town that is surrounded by gorgeous white sand beaches making this a surfer?s paradise. Nosara Beach refers to several beaches stretching along the coast including Guiones Beach and Pelada Beach with extensive beaches lined with shady almond and sea grape trees. Nosara has been described as a perfect place to learn how to surf and experienced surfers can take advantage of one of Costa Rica?s most dependable beach breaks. Many find Nosara a calmer alternative to other bustling tourism scenes in Guanacaste and less crowded beaches than in Tamarindo.

Nosara Beach is known for its sustainable tourism practices well-maintained beaches and focus on the forests and wildlife. It?s makes it a welcoming place for folks looking for nature yoga alternative therapies and vegan and vegetarian cuisine. This area provides a variety of accommodations to travelers from inexpensive hostels to moderate cabins to luxury hotels and spas with many located close to the beach. After a picturesque tropical sunset stroll on the beach take advantage of the variety of eateries Nosara has to offer with many fresh seafood local and American classics and international bistro options.

Main Attractions

With the biodiversity to be found at Nosara there is a variety of things to do for nature lovers surfers and yogis alike. Local hotel staff and tour operators can help arrange your daily activities to take full advantage of what this beautiful area has to offer.


Nosara Beach especially Playa Guiones has miles of excellent beach breaks and fewer crowds which makes it great for experienced surfers and those who want to learn to surf. There are many surf schools to choose from offering private lessons group rates and board rentals.

Nosara Biological Reserve

Nosara Biological Reserve

This privately owned nature reserve located to the north allows visitors to explore hiking trails through the forest to the Nosara River?s mangrove-lined shores. There are daily guided tours available offered or you can head off on a self-guided tour around the reserve.

Ostional Beach

Ostional beach is part of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge and is home to an incredible natural phenomenon. Depending on when you travel to Nosara you may have the chance to experience the arribada which is the annually nesting event for the olive ridley sea turtle where thousands of turtles arrive on the shores of the beach to lay their eggs. Even though these events are hard to predict guided tours are offered to go and witness this extraordinary event in person. Check with local hotel staff or guide associations for more information.

How to get there

There are several ways to get to Nosara so you must choose a method that best suits your needs.

Shuttle Transport

Nosara is about 5 hours from the international airport in San Jose and about 2.5 hours from Liberia Daniel Oduber International Airport. Nosara can be difficult to travel to due to road conditions so a shuttle service can provide a comfortable and secure option for arriving at your destination. Interbus offers the best options in shared shuttle service to the main destinations in Costa Rica for those not wanting to travel on unknown or difficult paths. For more information please contact us .

Public Bus

There is a public bus option leaving from San Jose and arriving in Nicoya. In Nicoya you must transfer to the bus going to Nosara. Schedules may be limited and travelers should keep a close eye on their belongings.

Local Flight

Local flights are available daily from San Jose and Liberia international airports. Visitors should be aware that this is the most expensive travel options and flights may be cancelled or delayed due to weather conditions.

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