Corporate Social Responsibility

Because we are worried about the well-being of life on our planet; INTERBUS strives to offset the total CO2 emissions produced by their units of transport during its annual operation, thus creating awareness of our impact on the environment.

Interbus offsets 100% of the carbon footprint through natural regeneration projects; obtaining the CSA (environmental services certificate) by FONAFIFO (National Forestry Financing Fund), which is delivered by the Costa Rica Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications.

The company also has a recycling program, through certified suppliers in waste management, help us with oil, tires, batteries, filters, paper, cardboard and plastic.

Interbus supports community programs of social improvement in the areas where it is located; actively participating in events to enhance sustainable tourism practices allows the company to offer passengers traveling in a shared transport a social, cultural and environmental responsible experience.

Interbus Carbon Offset
Interbus Carbon Offset

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