Chambers and Associations of Costa Rica

Interbus is a company dedicated to tourist transportation in Costa Rica participating actively in associations and hambersrelated to tourism; as well as programs that encourage the development of the sector. Tourism Costa Rican Institute (ICT) ; Is the rector and leader of tourism institution in Costa Rica; It works to strengthen strategicengagement development promotion national coordination and strengthen the sustainable tourism as the main economicactivity of the country; seeking to offer a pleasant stay to local and foreign tourists. Tourism National Chamber (CANATUR) ; It is an organization without profit with the fundamental aim of integrating the privatetourism sector supporting the sustainable development of the sector. It is composed of members representing the national tourism industry Chambers and Associations of Costa Rica private tourist sector. Code of Conduct: Protection Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children ; Paniamor Foundation fights for the rightsof minors in our country. Environmental Services Certificate (CSA) ; This certificate is awarded by FONAFIFO (Forestry Financing Fund of Costa Rica); Themain objective is to finance small and medium producers; through credits or other mechanisms to promote forest managementreforestation afforestation forest nurseries agroforestry systems recovery of areas and technological changes for the exploitationand industrialization of forest resources. FONAFIFO captures financial resources for Payment for Environmental Services (PES) adirect impact on the protection and improvement of the environment. Accordance with Law No. 7575