Shuttle Service

The Interbus shuttle service is the most convenient way to travel between hotels in Costa Rica. These services connect the main tourist destinations in the country, in a convenient and reliable way without hassles or worries.

Interbus offers this service in modern Toyota Hiace units, which are not smoking, air conditioned and have a few passengers. The main advantages of shuttle services are that they have cheap prices; as its name suggests it is a shared-ride service, the charge is per person, and each route has a schedule, the pickup time depends on the hotel where you are staying, or the hotel that you used as a reference; you should know that this type of service must be booked in advance, Interbus working with limited spaces. When making your reservation, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all the transportation details, and some extra indications.

During the trip one or two rest stops will be made, and these rest stops may also be connection points or vehicle change, these changes provide us better development of the route, without affecting our customers.

If you want to know our routes, schedules and prices in shared service, enter the following link Rates, or if would like to book, Click here.

Shuttle Service

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