The San Jose Cathedral

In 1813 the Spanish Cortes gave to San Jose the title of city, the city required a temple to do honor to the Catholic faith, for this reason it was decided to build the Metropolitan Cathedral, which is located in downtown San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, between the Central Avenue and the zero Street.

This cathedral underwent several reconstructions and renovations to the structure because it was very damaged by earthquakes, the cathedral was originally built in 1802, but was then destroyed by a strong earthquake, a few years later it was replaced in 1871 by a design of Eusebio Rodríguez in a style that combines orthodox, neoclassical and baroque Greek styles, with Doric columns and a neoclassical pediment with steeples in the front of the building; It has a fine colonial floor and the windows you can see different vitraux, with biblical scenes. In addition, the altar has statues of cherubs and a Christ figure made of wood. To the left of the altar of the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, decorated with floral motifs is located there is a tubular organ built by Pierre Schyven in 1890 and is one of the important elements of this temple, this instrument is the most majestic of all that exist in Costa Rica with tubes 16 feet, was restored in 2009 by funds raised in the international Credomatic Music Festival.

In 1998 it was declared of Architectural Historic Interest and currently has a sculpture of Deredia in honor to Juan Pablo II pope, along with a statue in honor of the II Bishop of Costa Rica. Consists entirely of a sanctuary, a crypt, vaults, confessionals, a pulpit, bell towers and a tubular organ. This architectural beauty is open to the public every day, for this reason you should not miss the opportunity to admire this cathedral.


From Monday to Saturday 06:30am to 17:00h

Sunday 07:00am to 20: 00h

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