Handicraft Market, San Jose

The Handicraft Market is in downtown San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, this market is located on the side of the "Plaza de la Democracia", on the central avenue, between 13th and 15th street; It is the space where the Costa Rican craftsmen show and commercialize works that are mostly made by hand, with different materials such as wood; here you will find beautiful souvenirs such as jewelry, T-shirts, caps and many decorative items to remind you of your time in Costa Rica.

If you visit Costa Rica and spend a few days in San Jose remember to get your souvenirs in the Handicraft Market, open from 08:30 am to 17:00 pm.

Important Note

If you visit this area please take into account that you should ensure your safety, the same as any other country you visit, remember not to carry large amounts of cash, do not to carry lots of jewelry, please be aware of your belongings, and have always close your hand bag. The police are always in the area, but be cautious when you walking around the city.

Handicraft Market, San Jose

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