Our Offices

Customer service hours are from Monday to Sunday; from 07:00am to 06:00pm. There will always be somebody to help you.

San Jose (Central Office)

Phone+506 41000888


E-mailCall reservas.interbus

E-mailChat reservas.interbus

Phone+506 6050 6500

Postcode 2294-2050

Puerto Viejo

Phone+506 2750 2145

E-mailCall Interbus.puertoviejo

E-mailChat Interbus.puertoviejo


Phone+506 2479 7074

E-mailCall Interbus.fortuna

E-mailChat Interbus.fortuna


Phone+506 2479 7074

E-mailCall Interbus.tamarindo

E-mailChat Interbus.tamarindo


Phone+506 2656 0606

E-mailCall Interbus Samara

E-mailChat Interbus Samara


Phone+506 2668 0156

E-mailCall Interbus.Liberia

E-mailChat Interbus.Liberia

Santa Teresa

Phone+506 2641 1036

Budget Santa Teresa

Phone+506 2436 2084

If you are dialing from the USA or Canada dial 011-506-41000888; from other countries, dial the area code then 506-41000888; and if you are in Costa Rica just dial 4100 0888.

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