La Sabana Metropolitan park

The complete name is the Parque Metropolitano la Sabana Padre Chapuí, in honor of the priest Manuel Antonio Chapuí de Torres, who donated the land in San José for recreation and the enjoyment of people, this is strategically located in the heart of Costa Rica capital. This park has an area of 72 hectares, its flora is very abundant as it has a large number of trees, mostly eucalyptus, cypress and pine which are exotic species, which is why in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and Energy is working on a project to introduce native species and improve the biodiversity of the park; this park is very visited by families is estimated that receives 38,000 visitors per week, being the most visited in the whole country.

The most important attractions in the park are:

  • The National Stadium
  • Target Shooting Range
  • María del Milagro Paris swimming pool
  • Lakes
  • The Costa Rican Art Museum
  • Areas for practicing sports.
  • Skating rink
  • National gym

Here you can practice infinity of sports or if you just want to enjoy its nature, this is an open park and free access for all. In the La Sabana metropolitan park can also find the Costa Rican Art Museum, located on the east side of the park, opposite the entrance of Paseo Colón. This building served as the air terminal of La Sabana Airport, but is currently one of the most important museums in the capital. Every day, but especially at weekends the park is visited by lots of people who come with their families to share a moment of tranquility; For these reason on weekends are organized a lot of sports and recreation activities for the enjoyment of visitors. This park was born with the objective of being a healthy place, of leisure and rest for its visitors; and undoubtedly this park is part of our identity and our history. La Sabana Metropolitan park was declared and incorporated in the Historic Architectural Heritage of Costa Rica since 2001. For this reason and many more reasons if you want to exercise, recreation or spend some time with your family, visit the La Sabana Metropolitan park and enjoy this natural space in the center of the city.

La Sabana Metropolitan park

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