The EspaƱa park

The EspaƱa park is a public and urban park, established in San Jose, Costa Rica?s capital; this park is located between 7th and 9th avenue and 9th Street, and is surrounded by several historical sites and cultural interest, such as the National Cultural Center (CENAC), the National Insurance Institute, the Yellow House, The Metallic building, Paseo de las Damas and Morazan Park. In the beginning this park was a place for the Liquor Factory?s (currently CENAC) activities, in 1917 it was turned into La Concordia park and in 1920 renamed Parque EspaƱa. This small park has paved roads of bricks, there you can find various of tropical trees, which gives it a jungle air. It has several monuments, the most notable and well-known statue of Spanish conquistador Juan VƔsquez de Coronado, located next to a fountain at the main entrance.

In 1963, the United States president at the time, John F. Kennedy, visited this park and planted a ceiba tree; that is still preserved today and can be seen in front of the Yellow House. Parque EspaƱa has many interesting and attractive monuments:

EspaƱa park

Remember, if you visit San Jose city do not hesitate to give a tour of our urban parks, they keep a very important Costa Rica history.