Costa Rica Post Office building

The central post office building in Costa Rica is located in San José, the capital of Costa Rica, on the main Boulevard by the same name it was inaugurated at the end of 1999; this is the step of many passers-by who admire the beauty of this building. Behind this building it is the Costa Rica National Bank, inside it is the National Philatelic Museum which preserves valuable collections of thousands of stamps; and in front of this building we find Club Union, one of the meeting places of the upper class of the country..

When the postal service in Costa Rica was consolidated in 1847, there was a need to build a central building that would manage the mail. In 1914, the construction began, but it was not until 1917 that the building was inaugurated, on the ground floor with the Telegraph services, official telephones, mail and postal packages. On the second floor were located the offices of the Ministry of Finance and the Mechanized Technical Office, where today is the Philatelic Museum. On October 14th in 1980, it was declared a Relic of Historic and Architectural Values, and in 1985, in this same building, the Philatelic Museum of Costa Rica was created, with the purpose of rescuing the Costa Rican historical-architectural heritage, preserving the building and the services of Communication that were established and that today are of great importance for our society.

Visit the Post Office Building in Costa Rica and I know part of the history of Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica Post Office

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