Cocles Beach, Limon

Cocles beach is located south of Puerto Viejo, its beautiful beaches and lush vegetation make this Caribbean beach have a very quiet atmosphere, it’s a perfect place to rest and enjoy your vacation; here you will find a mix of fascinating cultures, Latin, Afro-Caribbean, Aboriginal and many others like foreigners who are now residents in the area, who make this beautiful town a very welcoming place during your visit, this is a very small village with only two shops, a school, and a football field. At Cocles beach you will be able to enjoy restaurants and bars where every night local bands of reggae liven up the atmosphere, as well as accommodation places that fit every budget.

This beach is very popular for surfers, especially the north end, as well as being a very safe beach, there are lifeguards through the Cocles Beach community program; Besides you can travel nearby beaches such as Puerto Viejo by bicycle or you can also visit other zones like Cahuita National Park, the Talamanca Indigenous Reserve and the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge by bus or car.

How to get to Playa Cocles

There are many ways to arrives to this area; shared service is the best option, since you do not need to move to any bus terminal, this transport will arrive at your hotel, if your hotel is out of the Interbus route, Interbus will indicate the closest hotel to offer the service. Interbus offers shuttle service from/to this area every day from/to the main hotels in the area, San Jose area and other popular destinations in Costa Rica, offering a variety of schedules for your comfort; also, offering comfortable minibuses with air conditioning, to make your trip more pleasant; you can buy your tickets on the following link, and remember to book in advance.

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Another way to get to this area is by public transport, you should go to the Caribbean bus terminal, once there it is important that you identify your bus (San José - Viejo de Talamanca / Limón) because there are two destinations called Puerto Viejo; when you reach the Puerto Viejo of Limón it will be very easy to travel to Cocles beach by taxi or local bus.

Cocles beach, Limon

Remember that the Caribbean of Costa Rica has much to offer you during your vacations...

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