Central Park in San José

The Central park is located in downtown San Jose, this is an urban park surrounded by trees and sculptures; In addition to a kiosk in the center which is used for different artistic and musical activities. One of its main attractions is the large number of parrots and birds that visit the park in the evenings.

The San Jose Central park

The San Jose Central park is the oldest public space of the city, and the first to receive ornamental work in the country. In 1885 the square became park with trees, sidewalks and layout of internal roads, a few years later placed cement seats; and was until 1944 the kiosk was held in the center of the square, this is the most striking attraction of the park. Here you could spend a very pleasant time, it is a suitable place to rest a moment of your busy day and enjoy the sunsets, birds and even the people around. On the east side of the park is the San Jose Cathedral which offers a beautiful facade, next to the Juan Pablo II statue. Also, very close to this park are emblematic buildings and streets of the city such as The National Theater, Plaza de la Cultura, Central Avenue and others.

This park is very important in our history, this site was received and confirmed the Independence Declaration of Central America in 1821, here you will find a plaque in memory of this important event.

Currently the park is widely used for public activities like musical events, exhibitions, sales or recreational events, and it is located in the center of the city, so you can easily move to other nearby attractions.

The central park kiosk

There are many city tours around San José, visiting parks and churches in the area, you can choose any, or if you prefer you can take a tour of the city without a guide, if you make your way alone through the city remember take good care of their belongings, not carry large amounts of cash or jewelry; we recommend using a small front bag for your most important belongings.

Enjoy San Jose and its history in a fun and safe way.

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