The Cartago "Ruins"

Cartago has another interesting place in the city called "The Ruins", this were the construction of a Romanesque temple in 1957; not yet exact date, but this is the date adopted by historians. This construction that was damaged considerably by the earthquake of Santa Monica, the May 4th, 1910, for this caused that never the construction was finished. The Ruins are located in the center of the city, with a beautiful and neat park inside.

The story tells us that by 1910, when the iron frame was expected to arrive to Cartago, which would form the roof and tie up the walls for finished the church, on May 4th, 1910 an earthquake called Santa Monica occurred and demolished some stone rows of the church , which were scattered in the gardens surrounding; since then, the temple has remained unfinished; The Cartago people longed to build what was to be one of the most beautiful architectural works of America, his desire was frustrated; but, despite being destroyed by earthquakes, nowadays the structure keeps in its elegance and distinction, covered by a singular spirituality that we must not stop admiring. The "unfinished" church of Santiago Apostle or the "Ruins", as it is known in the zone is located in the Cartago down town, in the same place that they erected for a long time ago the parishes of the city, but was changed, due to earthquakes and tremors that occurred frequency.

Residents, foreign and visitors are impressed by the beauty of this place, a past that refuses to disappear and an important area that enriches our Costa Rican history. If you visit Cartago don?t forget to pass for this beauty place.

The Cartago Ruins