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Important Information

1. Interbus exclusively offers door to door service. If your pick up location is not in our list, please contact us for assistance at

2. If you are traveling from SJO airport to a destination outside of San Jose your pick up spot will be the Malinche restaurant right outside the airport, on the right side of “the arrivals area”. It is important for you to arrive there 20 minutes prior to your pick up time.

3. Economy: This service is more economical of all our services. This transport has schedules, pick up place and drop off place pre-established and not modifiable.

4. Regular: This service is a shared transport and has pre-established schedules, but you have a large list of options to choose as pick up place and drop off place.

5. Private: This private service is adapted to your needs, you can choose the time, the pick up place and drop off place more convenient for your trip. It is a whole unit of 10 passengers at your disposal.